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Description of the Book:

As the name suggests, “Shh… But let’s talk!” deals with certain matters considered taboo in the current scenario. This book comprises of poems built up on a strong base of morbid or disturbing emotions that one can experience in their life. Composed in the genres of Dark and Homoerotic poetry, this book is definitely not for the ones who constantly shut down their feelings even at the slightest trigger. Willing to widen your horizon of thoughts? Willing to accept everything and everyone as they are? Then, this is for you. Following the theme of Mental Health, poetry based on depression, anxiety, self-harming, suicidal urges, abortion, murder, abduction, as well as the struggles of the LGBTQ community can be seen here. Here, the author tries to shed some light on to either side of the reality, and hopes a meaningful change will occur to the readers’ perspective towards such matters and make them realize that this world has enough space for everyone irrespective of their color, race, gender, sexuality, and so on. There is more into life; the amalgamation of ‘acceptance and love’ for our fellow beings is the foundation for a harmonious and imperishable society. Extracting hope from hopelessness, right now!

“Shh… But let’s talk!” : The Voice for the Unheard.

SKU: 9781005570316
  • Author's Name: Grace Erika Nieminen
    About the Author: Proud Indian by descent but possessing a different Hometown, Grace lived three-fourths of her life abroad (making her rich in life experiences than her peers – boasts humbly, if that’s even possible!). Coming back to her Motherland, she led a nomadic life (from state to state) which even emphasizes her love for travelling and experiencing different lifestyles (kind of showing off her adventurous side). Bored of a routine, run-of-the-mill lifestyle, she chose an unconventional career path (at least to her family and still struggles to convince them with her choices). Professionally an Architect, an aspiring Design Psychologist, a passionate Artist, an Art Therapy enthusiast, an avid reader of fiction and poetry, and an instant writer if the moment calls for it. Her childhood interest in writing died off when studies got serious but revived as a means of trying to stay awake during boring lectures in college. Taking up writing seriously was never in her life plans and this began accidentally when she was offered a chance for co-authoring a book. And, the journey continued with four books in her bag. Who says that you need to stick to just one profession, right? Connect with her at @nieminen_diaries or through
    Book ISBN: 9781005570316


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