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Description to the Book :


Shells on the Windowsill is a book of twenty poems about my grandma. They reflect both memories of her life, and my thoughts related to her death.

Shells on the Windowsill

  • Author's Name :  Eleanor F Swift
    About the Author :  Eleanor Swift is a member of The Author's Guild, and a full time college student studying theater arts, environmental science, and creative writing. This is vis second published work, after publishing Eternal Rhythm - a book of 42 poems, at age 17. When ve isn't working on school, ve writes poetry, fantasy, and science fiction novels, plays dungeons and dragons, and spends time doing theater, whether it's helping with other people's shows, or working on the theater company ve founded, Thunder Struck Theater Company. You can connect with the author on Facebook at Eleanor Swift Books, or Instagram @mysticimagination for more book related updates. You can also check out the Facebook page Thunder Struck Theater Company for news on upcoming shows, including plays Eleanor writes. *Ve/ver/vis - gender neutral pronoun.
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