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Description of the Book:


A collection of poems about finding comfort and hope amid the brokenness of loss.

Shards of Solace

SKU: 9789360946197
  • Author's Name: Esosa Frances Mohammed

    About the Author: Esosa Frances Mohammed began her career as a lawyer and worked in this field until a few years ago when her experience with tragic loss led her to begin exploring a new, more fulfilling field in clinical therapy. She has always enjoyed the arts and wrote her first poem titled "Golden Moments in Retrospect" in her first year of high school. Esosa continued to write and this has gradually become a source of coping and strength for her through different periods of her life. “When we open ourselves to love, we unavoidably invite both beauty and pain.” Esosa’s writing explores themes of loss, heartbreak, hope, and resilience of the human spirit. Her poems weave together vivid imagery with raw emotional honesty, inviting readers into deeply personal yet universal experiences. Beneath the somber, introspective tone of Esosa’s verses lies a wellspring of life and tenacity, akin to the verdant wildflowers that stubbornly flourish within the confines of an uncultivated grassland. Originally from Benin City, Edo State in Nigeria, Esosa now resides in Johnson City, Tennessee, surrounded by mountains and lush landscapes. When not writing or working, she can be found running 5k races, spending time with her family, or reading at the local library. This is Esosa's debut collection of poems.
    Book ISBN: 9789360946197
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