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Description of the Book:


The best way to frame life is through shards of thoughts, unfurnished and flowing with no regard, down the slippery slopes of consciousness. More than poems, these are thoughts that I've sealed with my heart and soul. Handle with care, as you proceed!


SKU: 9789360946517
  • Author's Name: Shreya M Nair

    About the Author: Shreya had always had an aptitude for literature, even in school, where she would sew stories in her exam papers. This skill was honed much later, provided by observations from her parents and friends. Her mother fuelled her literary ambitions, compelling her to record life experiences adding her perspective to it. Her best friend further enhanced this by introducing her to the world of books, now a rampant part of her life. She penned down her getaways as stories, poems, and chronicles and continues to do so in her free time.
    Book ISBN: 9789360946517
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