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Description of the Book:


Thoughts. Deep and Shallow. Lots of Love and Lots of Losing It.

A reach into the intersection of Feeling and Flourishing. Not a lesson, but a thinkpiece. A tribute to the last few months of my life. As it has filled my mind with new hues of hope, diligence, meaning, and natural rights, it also managed to maintain a certain levity that has freed me from the bounds of conceptualising and into the captive comfort of actualising.

I pray this finds you well.

Shall I Go On?

SKU: 9789360940430
  • Author's Name: Brendan White

    About the Author: A true student of words and life's rhythm, Brendan White is a dedicated literary artist. Obsessed with the intersectionality of what is concrete and abstract, White rides those fine lines like waves on the ocean to detail the hard to capture nuances in life that we so desperately need defined. His work is here for you and anyone who has ever felt anything.
    Book ISBN: 9789360940430
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