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Description of the Book:


"You will find a piece of you 
if you begin to explore 
till what the last word says."

Every poem in this book till the last word is very dynamic. Each of them is a blend of the phases one must have experienced at some point of life and its positive recovery. A strong message of owning our flaws and using them as a force for improvise our individualities has been tried to deliver through the game of words. The book highlights that we should not forget to be humane, honest and empathize with each other. The poems also reflect sense of personal loss, solitude, societal issues as well as the emotions shared during the pandemic across the world.

Seventeen Years, Eighteen Memoirs

SKU: 9781005642051
  • Author Name: Prajjalita Shandilya
    About the Author: The one who walked through this dark tunnel for you is Prajjalita Shandilya. She believes that the world can be a better place to live in if we see each other just as human beings and constantly put efforts in improvising ourselves. Also, what she believes in is to take decisions and choose ways that won't make you regret at the end. She uses creative writing as a medium to share the lessons she learns from her mistakes, or in other circumstances wishing to gift people relief, confidence and smiles. With a promise to explore more about creative writing and get better in it, she wishes you to find the light of hope and happiness she placed at the end.Happy Reading! 
    Book ISBN: 9781005642051


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