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Description of the book:

Poetry is the music of the divine, The echo of the confined- Poetry is the voice of the unheard, through monotonous syllables rendered. Emotions, you can’t express through words find a way of expression through poetry. Poetry adds a spark to the monotonous rhythm of my life. They fill me with serenity and soulfulness. Poems are my escape from reality. This book is a collection of poems written by me in my darkest and brightest of times. Most of the things that have kept me wondering and sleepless at night have found a place in this book. The liveliness of rain, the charm of young love, the longing affection for a lost father, the eternal ardor, the quest of the forgotten world, etc. have found place as poems in this book which I hope you’d love reading! Get ready to get on a journey of love and life through my lenses. Happy reading!

Serenity in the Arms of Poetry

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