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Description of the Book:

This book portraits the major developments in the life of a girl child, whose parents abandon her the day she was born.
During her adolescence, she faces different obstacles, which includes child marriage and stepping into motherhood. After leaving city, fate helps her to unite with the love of her life. Even under difficult circumstances, she believes the universal force helps to achieve a blessed life.


  • Author Name: Ayrin Ann Joseph
    About the Author: Ayrin Ann Joseph is a young poet, writer, and author of the new novel "Vengeance upon me". She hails from Kerala, the land of roaring waterfalls and palm trees. Being a nature enthusiast, she spents most of her time as a wildlife blogger and travels on site to grab her own pictures. She began penning her own fiction since the age of 12. Prior to her infamous writing career, she was an overachiever in school. Known by her pen name Amber, her stories and poems engage in an emotional rollercoaster. 
    Book ISBN: 9781589077317


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