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Description of the Book:


This collection is my worldview of life, and all that is unknown and unspoken, yet has been felt to the deepest of my core.
In my quest to find some semblance of sanity in an otherwise chaotic world, my scribblings have been my sanctuary.
My words, that have now taken shape of this book, have often found their way straight through my subconscious and onto the paper.
This book is just that.. A space where circumstantial confinement met linguistic liberation.

Serendipitous Wonders

SKU: 9789360942601
  • Author's Name: Tanima Raheja

    About the Author: An introvert who finds her voice in her writings. Quiet on the outside, yet a storm stirs up inside her; her mind- a whirlwind of thoughts, and her heart- brimmed with the deepest of emotions. Profoundly passionate about the mysteries of the universe, she seeks solace in unveiling the conundrum that is her life, and all that lies beyond. Her journey through life has but one purpose.. a quest for catharsis!
    Book ISBN: 9789360942601
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