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Description of the Book:


The poems explore the seasons in general and the seasons of mind and body, how each season has an impact on our lives.
There are specific elements that remind us of each season in particular. For instance, Love and colour reminds me of Spring Or "Basanta", Mango and ice-cream reminds me of Summer, "Pakoda" and "Khichdi" and dampness reminds me of Monsoon, Durga Puja, "kashful" reminds me of the advent of autumn while Kali Puja reminds me of the advent of Winter, the course of the season, accompanied by Christmas, New Year and of course my Birthday.

Seasons change but does everything happening all around the world change?

Seasons of Mind and Body

SKU: 9789360949112
  • Author's Name: Paushali Sarkar

    About the Author: Hailing from North Bengal, the land of mountains and forests, Paushali Sarkar is a budding poet, born on January 13th, in 2003. She is doing her Bachelor's in English literature.
    Book ISBN: 9789360949112
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