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Description of the Book :


Scrap Paper Poetry is a collection of poems from Canadian debut poet Dean Wood that explores feminism, loss, love, fate, and personal identity. Capturing tiny moments in time while also asking some big questions about predetermination and free will, Dean says a lot in just a few lines. These words will open your mind and challenge what you think you know. Enjoy the journey and the ride – explore and laugh and ask many questions.

Scrap Paper Poetry

  • Author's Name :  Dean Wood
    About the Author :  Dean Wood, the author of Scrap Paper Poetry, received their Master of Science in Forensic Science from Trent University, although the teachings and gory details from forensic science are for a very different collection of words. They are a self-proclaimed “scrap paper poet”; nothing is safe as they will write on anything flat and holds a mark. An Ontario native, Dean is a lover of books, science, nature, and their yellow Labrador, Buddy. This is their first published collection. Find more of Dean’s work on Instagram @fallfromgrace67.
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