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Description of the Book:

What do people my age think about? Well, this book is a small compilation of thoughts a 21 year old student has. They may seem silly and mature, nostalgic and wistful, cynical and hopeful, all at the same time but isn’t that exactly what our minds are like?
An assortment of relatable ideas and incidents, this book will leave you introspecting, observing, and of course, wanting more.
After years of self doubt and shyness, these poems are my first foray into showing the world my work.


  • Author Name: Mansi Dinesh
    About the Author: Mansi Dinesh feels weird writing about herself in third person, but is going to attempt it anyway. She's a medico at JIPMER and cannot believe that she is almost a doctor. She has spent most of her life in Hyderabad, and the last 4 years in the cute, exotic and picturesque city of Puducherry. Mansi has been writing poems and short stories for years now, because it's cathartic and fun. She hopes to work on her writing and get even better over the years. Lastly, Mansi feels very passionately about few things in life, and Shah Rukh Khan is at the very top of that list! :p PS Don't worry, she'll still make a decent doctor... probably. PPS Just kidding, she’s going to be freaking amazing.
    Book ISBN:  9782839981675


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