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Description of the book

Is it NOT OKAY to let your pain go in vain? Once a great writer told 'Pain demands to be felt' so it is Pain that helps us rediscover ourselves. The book is about all ups and downs, each and everyone go through in life, sometimes with losing hope and some with falling down again and again but still not giving up. We all are in the same boat with all the stupid baggage we were carrying or some we still are but to set ourselves free from the ones pulling us down and not letting us to fly. With a hope we discover a new version of ourselves soon.

Scars We Own

    Atul Neil is just a thinker, living in a parallel universe who has surrounded himself with good vibes. He is native of Ranchi and currently living in Gandhinagar with a decent job to survive. All he wants is to inspire people and be inspired too.


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