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Description of the Book :


This book is a creative collation of poetry that tells the story of how a boy with eczema emerged from a childhood of being bandaged up and distanced to finding his voice and achieving his dreams. They are presented in the hope to inspire young people around the world who may not yet have found their own confidence.

Scars and Stars: A story of physical pain and mental release through poetry

  • Author's Name : Pruthvi Khilosia
    About the Author : Pruthvi is a writer, publisher and journalist from the UK. Graduating with an MA in Publishing, he also learned Japanese alongside his Journalism BA while making his writing distinct among communities as a trainee reporter. His early work challenges perceptions around cultural taboos and identity by shining a light on the struggles of breaking into the creative industry from a working class, ethnic background. His challenging childhood drives his passion for storytelling which became an integral part of Pruthvi after finding truth, adventure and spirituality returning back from his study abroad in Arizona. From then he has continued to take lead and unveil the ugly truth and beautiful failures of life. Pruthvi's most recent work includes directing and producing Martin Goodman's ECTOPIA as an audiobook for Barbican Press.


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