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Description of the Book:

I feel we (humans) experience happiness and sadness together. We hope for the better when things go the wrong way albeit feeling sad about it. We feel nostalgic when we look at a memorable picture. And this book just talks about simple moments as such that made me saudade. Hope you like it too!

Saudade: Poems on Mixed Emotions

SKU: 9781005620264
  • Author's Name: S Harini N Pillai
    About the Author: Hey, I am Harini, just another human species wandering this world with lots of emotions. I had my formal education on biology and I love to learn every aspect of science in this world. I also love how humans connect with each other through words and hence I try to do that as well. I'm still learning and will continue to learn the art of poetry and any also biology
    Book ISBN: 9781005620264


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