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Description of the Book:

Saudade is a collection of poems, in both – English as well as Hindi – that are about love, about loss of love, about a search for home, about moving on. These poems will take you through a panorama of bittersweet emotions, and will hopefully leave you with some laughs, some tears, a warm feeling in your chest and a longing for the simpler more innocent days. This is an attempt to express and communicate raw emotions, the ones that we keep shoveling towards the back of our mind because that’s simpler. Although most of the poems in this book are from the perspective of a love that’s romantic, this love can take any form and shape. It could be a platonic love towards your friends, or that unexpressed love towards your parents. And if any of the works in this book resonates with you, do walk up to those special people in your life and express that love before it turns into longing.


  • Author Name: Manisha Dhankar
    About the Author: An introvert with a love for expression, I see the world through a dramatic lens with a background score. Like any other middle-class Indian, I have a bachelor’s degree in engineering and a PGDM from one of best institutes in the country. And after completing 6 years of education in the two very resonant fields of engineering and management, I now work in the education sector. Writing, for me, is one of the most wonderful forms of expression – for if you can find the right words to express what you are feeling, you can attain a lot of clarity about yourself, your thoughts and feelings. I leverage both English and Hindi with a touch of Urdu in my poems... बाकी तमन्नाएं, ख़्वाब तो बोहोत से हैं, पर नाम अभी छोटा ही है किसी दिन कहीं किसी पन्ने पर अपना भी नाम हो शायद फिलहाल तो अपने नाम का सिक्का खोटा ही है ||


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