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Description of the Book :


'I don't play with dust anymore,

I try to stand on level ground,

I forget little things like car keys,

work schedules-

I won't forget you,

as you press my memories back into a hospital swollen brain.

I won't forget you as we walk these hallways like oceans,

as the names of my medication run from your mouth like your poems.'


Coming from the perspective of a black non-binary Caribbean writer, Sand on Skin is a result of patience, perseverance and a promise. Focusing on a life with an autoimmune disease, this book uses poetry to hone in on the truth about family, relationships, trauma and a future that has survived with disease.


Told with brutal grace, this author uses both imagery and worldplay to show awareness of silent illnesses and the battle it takes to survive. This book is for those that have spent their life with silent illness or are disabled. This book is for those trying to understand the world of chronic illness and the people they love that exist in this space. It's about moving forward after having the worst happen. Lastly, this book is about the promise of taking steps to live your truth, even if the path isn't clear.

Sand in the Skin

  • Author's Name : Renee Browne

    About the Author : When writing this I realized I want this book to be personal, to engage with you. A lot of what I wrote comes from deep personal truth, so here is where some the truth will be laid bare.

    I knew I was going to be a writer since I was a young girl having my mother read to me. Her stories were simple yet the bonds of friendship and love that she crafted inspired me. She made me understand that telling stories is what I wanted. In this vein I have developed interests in photography, singing, and spoken word poetry.

    When I contracted lupus erythematosus at age twelve, a debilitating autoimmune disorder, suddenly my life became the subject of my stories. I hate to say it, but back in my day, people didn't know much about lupus. People didn't understand that some illnesses can't be seen. The discrimination I faced with school, marriage and my career were something able-bodied people did not understand. I needed a voice and so through writing I found that.

    Book ISBN : 9781005798000
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