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Description of the Book:

This book is a collection of poems that emphasizes day to day turmoil that a human mind gets subjected to, when faced with adverse situations. It also contains a rare love ode that serves as indicator that a slight positivity can spark through even when there is ample bitterness. The poem are an attempt to normalise emotions and provide words to it. The metaphors, phrases might provide a meaning that makes a very unique sense of view to every individual reader. Basing life on the fact that everyone thinks, everyone emotes but how does one manage to live through the emotions, regulate them and behave socially acceptable at all times is a thought that has been phrased repeatedly through various verses and phrases. Though the poems lack a rhythmic sequence, an attempt has been made to convey a concept through each poem.


SKU: 9785710045091
  • Author Name: Sameera Vasa
    About the Author:  Sameera Vasa, born in Hyderabad, 1993, is an educator. Post engineering in electrical and electronics, she entered into the field of developmental sector and travelled to many rural places across India to build better education system. She has worked in content developement for language or young children . She has an inclination to understand the workings of neurolingusitics and presently persuing her Masters in the same. She has expressed her love for language by writing short stories and thematic stanzas.
    Book ISBN: 9785710045091


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