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Description of the Book:


Once in a while, right in the middle of an ordinary life, love gives you a fairy tale....

Other than that while, ordinary people keep living their ordinary life in their ordinary way and end up in an ordinary SAME OLD LOVE STORY! Same Old Love Story is just about these ordinary people who never make it to the "itihaas ke panno me likhi jaane wali" category. A story that you must have heard every now and then. A story that could even be yours. But most importantly, a story that will take down the memory lane to the good old college days.Whether you're in school looking at your first crush, in college living your first relationship, or married with your happily ever after, you are sure to vibe with the essence of this book. Embark onto this roller coaster of friendships, relationships, love, drama, emotions, and life lessons in the journey called Same Old Love Story! 

Same Old Love Story

SKU: 9781005652869
  • Author Name: Komal Paraswani
    About the Author: Just like many other writers, Komal Paraswani too is an engineer turned writer/poet. She is a software engineer by education, and her life roles include her being a content writer, teacher, student, homemaker, an amazing wife (he has to agree without an option), a new mum, and now a newly published poet. Komal loves to add a rhythm to every person's life and her poetry is just a portrayal of this passion of hers. "Same Old Love Story" is a collection of her favorite poems from her diary.
    Book ISBN: 9781005652869


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