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Description of the Book:

As tears meet ink we find raw parts of ourselves seep from emotions into words on paper. Salted Ink is a journey through the difficult feelings that have no names but a familiar gaze and the tears with questions that have no answers but keep us awake. From the depths of pain to faint flickers of hope. We dive into the mind of a soul that dreams of more.

Salted Ink

  • Author Name: Mahira Khan
    About the Author: Punjabi Pashtun Poetess Psychologist. Mahira Khan is an enigma that many including herself have still not been able to figure out. On some days you can find her at the edge of her seat screaming at the top of her lungs watching a football or cricket match followed by a session of PUBG and pizza. While on other nights you might catch a glimpse of her delicately admiring the theatre in her faux fur and pearls with a completely different accent.
    Book ISBN: 9798422525072


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