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Description of the Book:


Life is filled with fleeting eternal moments, this is a nostalgic recollection of tragically beautiful many such memories of my life.

Sacred Whispers

SKU: 9789363318120
  • Author's Name: Harsha V

    About the Author: Harsha V has a Masters in English Literature, She currently works as a Research Associate at VIT, Chennai. She enjoys Dance and Photography. She is one of the Head Members of the growing Trust Institute "Aram Sei". She is the co-producer of an album song called "Neyveli Anthem", and has also Acted, Directed and Edited a Documentary Film: "TIMOR (The stories that are left unsaid)". She has worked as a Co-Author on the Anthologies "Magical Ladders to the Sky" and "Vadamalli." She has won many awards for Stage Plays, one among is an Australian Stage Play held at the University of Madras, and she received special mention for her acting skills. This book is a remembrance of significant moments in her life.
    Book ISBN: 9789363318120
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