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Description of the Book :


RUMINATION - Love. Hope. Despair. is a book consisting of a miscellany of 20 poems. Just like how human lives are — this book includes feelings and emotions that are short, maybe long; with rhyming words or without; some straightforward while some aren’t; there’s at least one poem that shall make sense to the reader. Though themes might be similar, each one stands unique in their own way similar to human being’s. Some might follow an organised pattern whereas others are shabby and still every single one is beautiful, an Art. This book ensures readers that it is quite natural to feel the way they are at the moment, and there are definitely others going through the same. Sometimes lovable, otherwise hopeful and at times hopeless too. Myriad things are concise and clear whilst others can be ambiguous as well bizarre and still be incredible.

RUMINATION - Love. Hope. Despair.

  • Author's Name :  Marwa Muhammad
    About the Author :  Marwa Muhammad, hails from Kozhikode, India, currently pursuing bachelor’s degre. She was, and is always fascinated and interested in putting emotions to words in writing rather than confabulating. Though love for writing started back in school days, she was never confident enough to showcase. With time, she gained courage of exhibiting her talent, for her own sake. Additionally, RUMINATION - Love. Hope. Despair. also consists of a few poems written in her schooldays. Most of her writings portray raw and real elements of life, substantially reflecting thoughts and emotions around her and within. She believes words have great power in influencing people across the globe and wishes to inspire, appreciate and acknowledge them.
    Book ISBN :  9781005638375
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