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Description of the Book :


Here in this book lies a truth that I have seen throughout my life. Some of these topics that I've written on reflect aspects of our own world where most can feel a connection. Either it be a memory of love. Or trying to get past those dark days. I hope my words reach the readers in a way that we can share the same stories. The same stories that I have been told all of my life; either they were spoken or written. Where the world around me has greatly influenced my own writing style. This book holds the culmination of what my skill level is at this point in time. The only thing that I wish for is that it leads someone else to be at ease. Expressing emotions that were once hard for me to show. One where the lost can find their way, over a golden horizon that is meant for you, the reader alone. And so I hope you dive into this with an open mind and heart in order to get the best way of reading what I have to write. As well as hopefully understanding some of the references that I’ve placed in some of my writings.

Rose's Symphony

  • Author Name : Nicholas B Vazquez
    About the Author : Hello everyone, the writer Nicholas Vazquez is here to once again thank you for taking your time in reading the poetry that I’ve taken time in writing up. At this point in time there is nothing too much about me that is as exciting as I think my writing is. When it comes to my writing style I prefer to do a more relaxed version that is flexible with whatever topic I tackle in my writings. When it came to these writings I just looked either towards the night sky of the LA life. Or stared into the glistening oceans that surround the city of Los Angeles. With the musics of lullabies and symphonies of a starry night played over and over in order to create either a golden sunset, or a starry night, on each and every word I’ve written on paper.
    Book ISBN : 9781005181574


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