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Dive into the enchanting world of "Rosary for Muse: काव्य-माला," a soul-stirring bilingual anthology that gracefully entwines the essence of love, life, motivation, and the depths of depression through 21 evocative poems. This poetic treasure weaves its verses seamlessly between English and Hindi, offering readers a harmonious journey through a tapestry of emotions.

Within these verses, love blooms like a blossoming bud, life unfolds in its myriad hues, and the power of motivation ignites the spark of ambition. Yet, just as the stars shine bright against the darkest night, the poems also delve into the shadows of depression, unearthing the strength to overcome and heal.

Through poignant lines and heartfelt expressions, "Rosary for Muse: काव्य-माला" captures the essence of the human journey—the dance of emotions that paints the canvas of existence. As the reader delves into this anthology, they'll find solace, inspiration, and a profound connection to the universal human experience.

Embark on this poetic odyssey, where emotions are strung like precious beads on a rosary, symbolizing the profound connection between the poet's soul and the divine muse that guides their pen. "Rosary for Muse: काव्य-माला" is an unforgettable journey, a testament to the power of words that transcend language and touch the heart in the universal language of emotions.

Rosary for Muse: काव्य-माला

SKU: 9789358735109
  • Author's Name: Kaushik Dave

    About the Author: Kaushik, a qualified chartered accountant from the small town of Pali, Rajasthan. Beyond numbers and graphs, he delves into a captivating world of arts, embracing music, poetry, story-telling, and graphic designing. Through his writing, he brings to life the vivid characters from his imagination, trying to leave a lasting impact on his readers. For Kaushik, poetry holds the essence of civilizations and the seeds of tomorrow's possibilities.
    Book ISBN: 9789358735109
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