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Description of the Book: 


This anthology is a companion for those who hide a sea of emotions, experiences, and stories under a veil of normalcy, running about their daily chores. They could be calmly sipping a cup of cappuccino in the airport lounge, running their fingers lightly through a sartorial special edition magazine. Yet their thoughts linger off to the eternal "what-ifs" and "what could have been" scenarios. They seek solace, even momentarily if possible, in verse or two that appeals to their version of the story. The writer sends a warm invitation to them over a hot cup of tea and poetic rendezvous to the souls who seek to be held and embraced in a warm sheath of comforting words.


  • Author Name: Naina Sandhir
    About the Author: A maverick wordsmith with an almost endearing tendency towards prolixity of writing and scarcity of speech. A nomadic soul, she prefers to go by the pen name of Millennial Rumi.


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