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It's new feeling to be a author for me its a new journey and new part of my life as a poetry author poems is deep and relevant meditation it's depend on us to feel words of poetry and their intense message that relate with our life's and situations poetry is connection of heart that gives you some time life lessons ...

Rooh e saaz

SKU: 9789360940768
  • Author's Name: Shirin Farukh Ahmad

    About the Author: It is SHIRIN FARUKH AHMAD from world of imagination being a soulful and white heart person..As a introvert one it's so challenging to comfortable with everyone but for my persons it's going to be extrovert just for me first thing to greet with someone is good vibes like my vibes I had so much thing in mind, soul'and heart if I explain it and make it everyone thought and giving them a peaceful soul and heart I think it's better place to write a poetry book and pour my feelings on it "Thanks for knowing me little bit okay so last my few rules of my life dignity, loyalty intense heart connection and my vibes ofcourse faith and religious rights...
    Book ISBN: 9789360940768
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