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Description of the Book:


As someone who belongs to one of the most beautiful coastal places on earth, I have the shore in my blood. There is a strange peace which washes over the mind and soul on hearing the waves crash.
Being alone on a beach has helped me in a lot of ways; whether it was during the troubled teens or during the midlife crises of the forties.

The sea for a lot of tourists who visit my state is a place to party and relaxation. A break from life. However, for locals the sea is the goddess who provides life and takes in her depth the toxins from land. Every year during monsoons there are prayers to sea requesting her not to destroy the land and after monsoons there are offerings thanking the sea and asking her to bless us with food, staple of which is fish.
For us, the sea is life itself.

This book contains poems I have written since my childhood. The theme is sea or coast. Some of these are written on the beach. In fact, I had to write the poem "Grains of Sand" on my uniform shirt which i was wearing and used a borrowed pencil from a fisherman. I had gone to the beach just to sit during one of the particularly bad days in my college days and hadn’t carried any writing material.

This is my first book and I thank the reader for picking it up, irrespective of whether you have bought it or not.
I would like to request you, when you read each poem, please imagine it through my eyes. Imagine yourself sitting on a secluded beach under a coconut tree, with the roar of waves crashing nearby and whispers of sand around your toes.

Roars of the waves; Whispers of the sand..

SKU: 9789360947446
  • Author's Name: Pramesh Sardessai

    About the Author: I live in two worlds each with different language. But only in one the language rhymes. Belonging to a small place called Goa, where the world comes to party but locals call the sea, Mother.
    Book ISBN: 9789360947446
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