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Description of the Book:

This book contains my hand written poems and published under the BookLeaf publication . Each poem is a story itself and they are all connected like a chain. Read carefully because if you miss one it might be difficult to understand rest of the ones so go through them one by one. This is a work of art and for reading pleasure and entertainment purpose . I hope it will engross your reading satiety.

Rise above the Clouds Call for the Sun

  • Author Name:  Barsha Das
    About the Author: She is a physician by profession and a writer driven by her passion. Her ultimate goal is to become a "healer" because she thinks healing is much more than jus physical and mental treatment or medication. It's about physical, mental ,emotional and spiritual well being . In her view poetry is a healing process. To her poetry is peace and blessing. She didn't have all these thoughts on her mind while she started writing she wrote because "it just felt right". You can reach to her at Instagram @drbarsha16/@shower_of_thoughts
    Book ISBN: 9785304234856


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