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Description of the Book:

A celebration of suffering. An expression of love, loss and sorrow. Ripples of Dusk is a beautiful exposé of the dismal, grey area, between pain and healing where a grief-stricken brain cryptically operates; mostly tipping towards the dark side. It delves deep into the layers of gloom that invariably plague our lives in multiple forms, the sediments of which snowball into this massive burden we shoulder until death consumes us whole. If you feel too deeply or feel nothing at all, if you think too much or have gone numb; read on to experience your woes resonate with the echoes of an aching heart.

Ripples Of Dusk

  • Author Name: Sumbul Moin
    About the Author: Sumbul Moin is an aspiring poet who believes that poetry is capable of composing melody without music. Born and brought up in Lucknow, she is a Mathematics graduate from Miranda House, University of Delhi. After finishing college, just to shake things up, she decided to take up banking as a full time profession. Pompous parties, social gatherings and meet-ups are all events she would readily boycott. An introvert by personality, you can circle her out in a corner, musing over the fantasy of a random thought. Besides writing, Sumbul loves reading crime fiction and watching suspense thrillers. She is also an ardent fan of dark comedy. Her dream of adopting a cat and naming it Vegas still remains a dream owing to her mother’s blatant refusal to raise any more animals after her.
    Book ISBN: 9781226788743


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