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Description of the Book :


This is a compilation of some of the most intense high and low moments throughout Corrine's life and dedicated career. It is written in hopes that it may speak to some feeling broken or hung up and aid in the inspiration or strength they may need. We are not alone.

Rider, Rider

  • Author's Name : Corrine Andros
    About the Author : Corrine is a Canadian based Professional Jockey. She has travelled internationally for horse racing, invited to represent Canada in multiple countries for apprentice and women jockey challenges, as a graduate of the Olds College Exercise Rider/Jockey Training program. She has held a jockey license since 2013 and endured much injury and set back. During this time Corrine was awarded leading apprentice titles at two separate race tracks two years in a row, ridden three different breeds of racehorse successfully and has achieved multiple stake winning jockey status. This all while battling the odds as a woman in a male dominated sport, heartbreak and repetitive comebacks.
    Book ISBN : 9788196856144
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