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Description of the Book:

Ride through reverie is a lyrical journey through the author’s thoughts and observations. In the first section, a connection between humankind and nature is made and also describes the beautiful elements of Mother Earth. The second section delves into the mysteries of our minds and how it reacts and copes with unforeseen events. The last section has poems of hope and a bit of everyday humor.

Ride Through Reverie

  • Author Name:Sanjana Keshavdas
    About the Author:Sanjana Keshavdas was born in Thrissur, Kerala, and grew up in different cities across South India. Her family relocated often and that exposed her to the psyche of people from across states. From a young age, she was curious about the science behind thoughts and how they make an individual’s life story. Ride through reverie is her first book and aims to take the reader through a collection of reflections. Sanjana is a writer and editor by profession who lives with her family in Kochi and hopes to travel around the world.


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