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Description of the Book :


How does one wrestle with the feeling that they are losing touch with reality?
"Rhythms of a Caged Lunatic" invites readers to embrace their inner crazy and channel their unfiltered wild-side to tickle their darkest thoughts. Through a deeply personal lens into the impacts of living with depression, anxiety, loss, and isolation, the emotions and thoughts captured here echo through the masses today. Recognizing the pressure to conform, fit in, and adhere to societal norms, the silenced narratives of misfits is conveyed through beautifully imperfect verses and words. Assembled in this anthology are poems inspired by the extraordinary resilience of ordinary folks cast away to the fringes, still bold enough to stand out.

Rhythms of a Caged Lunatic

  • Author Name : Adi Dasgupta 
    About the Author : Adi Dasgupta is a creative writer, poet, and educator working out of Scarborough, Ontario, Canada. In addition to serving the needs of marginalized youth and artists in Toronto communities, Adi creates short fiction, narratives, poetry, scripts, and mixed-media art for the collective Vibe Creative Labs. His recent work is inspired by themes of surrealism, nihilism, life on the streets, coping with turmoil, and mental health.
    ISBN of the Book : 9781005932268


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