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Description of the Book:

When I was a little girl, my parents would help me make paper boats.
And I would set them afloat, in the rainmade puddles.
The boats would slip and slide in those tiny little waves.

I now do that with poetry.
I make boats of rhythms and rhymes.
And set them to sail, in the waves of poems.

Swaswati Kakati

Rhythmic Rhymes

  • Author Name: Swaswati Kakati
    About the Author: Swaswati Kakati was born and raised in the beautiful land of Assam in the Northeastern region of India. She wrote her first poem when she was 7 and did not look back since then. She has written and published various poems and articles for Local newspapers and magazines. Apart from writing, she is trained in classical Indian dancing and singing. She also has an MBA degree from IBS Hyderabad, India, and has worked in the field of Management. Today she is back to following her heart and passion, i.e., writing and plans on making a living out of it.
    Book ISBN: 9787064708097


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