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Description of the Book:


This book holds beautiful moments depicting the dance of destiny.
A life chosen to always be like the waves, in the ocean, unfolding its secrets of destiny!
Life is a journey, full of nectar to be enjoyed and to reflect on the path chosen and then not to waver ahead . Surrendering with a heart strong, to delve and shape our wings to fly, unwavering in the future and being in the moment.
One should stop to smell the garden filled with fragrant flowers, feel the earth’s presence with the lovely insects and birds around, the rose petals sparkling in the sunlit rays, dancing a different melody to us every single day!

Rhapsody of Serendipity and Love

SKU: 9789358736793
  • Author's Name: Annieta Abrol
    About the Author: I was born and named by my most charming parents Brigadier & Mrs Kapur in Kaduna, Nigeria. Most of my close friends call me Annie. I belong to an Army Background where my Dad served in the Indian Artillery for most of his Army days and retired as a Brigadier. My Mom was a very pious and Intelligent Academician from her younger days. I have two wonderful brothers who are brilliant in their own fields. I’m a Mom to 3 beautiful children, A daughter and two boys . I have a lovely daughter in law too. I am married to my husband who has been a successful businessman in the field of Electrical Engineering and more. I have been working from a young age, living my life and enjoying all that I love doing, been an entrepreneur for many years, modelled, worked in the hospitality industry and then chose to teach students from all walks of life. Today I’m an accomplished educator with many years of work experience and travelled to many beautiful countries as a passion. My hobbies are quite extensive. I love reading mostly non-fiction, listening to music, The art of decorating, Making flower arrangements, Cooking and Gardening. I love spending time outdoors in my garden, swimming when the weather permits and also enjoy Nature walks. I never get bored, spend a lot of quality time with my children and close friends and family. I love meeting new people and also love travelling to far off lands on my own. I feel life is beautiful so one must take time out to enjoy all that we have to celebrate memorable moments! In my personal field of work I attribute gratitude to all my professional colleagues, teachers, entrepreneurs, educators and students for their constant support in whatever I did throughout my career. My thirst in imparting knowledge to students is even today the same as yesterday, as a hidden desire compelled me to get into the field of education and help whoever needed that extra mile to cover their hardships and acquire themselves with the best skills available. I also thank my teachers in my younger days, who shaped my goals and interests to such an extent which surprises me to what I’m today! I can paint, decorate, teach, read and write from the heart all thanks to my Mentors from the years of growing up. I hope my book will be an eye opener to the vision I have, to help each one surrender to being what you are ,in spreading love and respect to each one around to make our lives more purposeful and beautiful. Never give up but try to remain positive inspite of the odds, as we all are here on a purposeful journey and time waits for no man as they say, keep dreaming and aspiring all one wants to achieve and I’m sure you will reach your goals wherever you might be.
    Book ISBN: 9789358736793
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