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Description of the Book :


A collection of rhapsodies or mirth songs written from the perspective of "The Watcher in the Woods." This collection of poems breaths deep, listens with ears of the Earth, and sees the world with eyes caked in Spirit Mud. This is a quest into the Dreamtime- a walkabout in a landscape governed by Flora's Logic. Here the reader has a chance to sink into the humus of the Earth, peer through veils of mist and dew, and dance along Thin Spaces with the Spirits.

Rhapsodies of the Meristem

  • Author's Name : Perry Burt Peterson
    About the Author : Perry Burt Peterson lives in the Texas Hill Country with his girlfriend Amandine Castonguay and their two dogs Hanzel and Charles Treewalker. He splits his time between writing and illustrating his fantasy book series "The Wizard's of IzWyrd," building a unique 9 level home, which has been described as a Swiss Family Robinson style hobbit-house, and working on paintings and sculptures for galleries throughout central Texas. You can find his work at
    Book ISBN : 9798437447642
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