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Description of the book:

In her first book of poetry, Priya Sharma journeys into a wide array of themes that life offers, which includes motherhood, nature, heartbreak, deception and much more. This book accounts her various emotions and feelings that invites the readers to peek into the window of her mind. It’s a collection of the lyrical music that her heart hums. 


SKU: 9786979673414
  • Author's Name: Priya Sharma
    About the Author: Priya Sharma is a stay at home mom with a strong passion for writing. She has been using her pen to key her words for almost two decades. This interest for creative and other writing started a few years before she completed her graduation in Mass Communication & Journalism. She enjoys writing poems and short stories and has been published in a number of poetry and short stories anthologies like ‘Yesterday’, ‘Euphoria’, ‘Royals’ and ‘Winter’. Apart from writing fiction, she has also done content writing for blog post and web articles. However, creative writing has always had a special place in her heart.
    Book ISBN: 9786979673414
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