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Description of the Book :


Journey of our life teaches a lot of lessons through our failures and success. We are passing these clouds without our willingness, but we can't forget those clouds (memories of life). Everyone needs the support to come across our negative memories and feelings. Here in this book, we have a person with us to feel and negotiate negatives. The pomes of the book will be a good friend where we can find new paths and positive thoughts to uplift our life with success and happiness. Come across the book like a conversation with your friend.

Resurrect begins

  • Author's Name :  Sreeranjini.R
    About the Author :  Sreeranjini.R was born in Coimbatore (Tamilnadu) at 1995 and raised in palakkad(Kerala). She studied BA Hindi at Avinashilingam University with distinction and gold medal. Now she is pursuing her post-graduation in Hindi. She began to write poems from her childhood. Arduous days of life put her confidence down. She never thought that she will again lift up from there. But she tried to rebirth herself with high confidence. Her wish is to spread the positivity around the world. So, she thought poem is the best way to express her feelings. Her positive thoughts and inspiring words made this book happen.
    Book ISBN :  9781005069353
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