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Description of the Book:

If you were about to bid goodbye to life, what would you do? This shocking and provocative question is at the core of the book, Resonance: Life Reverberates. This book has emerged from the life's experiences that will help people discover life's truth, and then relate it to their personal lives. The books takes you on a path that will tell what life is and how small things matter. You can live more authentically and have a greater impact on others. If you are looking for such a book, this is the one for you. It is simple yet bold. Discover your greatest gift that lies next to the deepest wounds.


  • Author Name: Khushboo Byala
    About the Author: Khushboo Byala is a co-author of Harvest Of Young Minds. She writes sweet but reality-based content that attracts both adults and teens. She did her masters in business of administration but chose to pursue a career in writing as soon she discovered her inclination towards it. When not writing, she can be found helping people in multiple ways.


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