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Description of the Book :


This book is a collection of poems that depict love, loss, longing, amongst other things. Having been written from the perspective of a young teenager entering adulthood, these poems reflect his understanding of emotions as he experiences love, heartbreak, yearning, rejection, and even death. It is amalgamation of poems that constitutes his emotional journey as he learns about intimacy, only to be met with the expectation of letting go. It also contains poems that are musings, or intrepid expectations about how he wants the world to be. Most of these poems have been written during the later high-school years and early college years of the author, and constitute memories that he cherishes or regrets as he forged his way into adulthood.

Reminiscences - A collection of poems on love, loss, and longing, amongst other.

SKU: 9781005252205
  • Author's Name :  Arnab Rakshit
    About the Author :  Arnab Rakshit, is a graduate from Calcutta University, having secured a Bachelor’s degree in English Literature. He is an avid reader and movie buff, and likes to spend his free time watching various documentaries that interest him. He works as a Content Writer/Editor but enjoys writing poems and short stories the most. Once in a while, he also likes to play a bit of table tennis.
    Book ISBN :  9781005252205
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