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Description of the Book:

A picture speaks a thousand words, the cover shows us what this book is all about, when we remove the clouds of selfdoubt, negativity, and regret we can show the world our true self.

This book takes you through a series of poems that make you reflect on your inner thoughts to work on them; to not sulk and ruminate but to fight them and emerge a victor. Fight everything with a smile; heal and recover.

Reflections, Ruminations, Recovery.

SKU: 9780767983518
  • Author Name: Omkar Humbarwadi
    About the Author: From the scenic green city of Belagavi in North Karnataka where we find a perfect balance of nature and industry hails Omkar S. Humbarwadi. "People write because nobody listens." He started writing in his school when he was in grade 7 and the journey continues to this day. Poetry and Storytelling are a way of conveying a lot of the unsaid. From romance to motivation, tributes to tragedy; and a little bit of fiction here and there, he pens down everything, a lot of secrets and retrospection; for poetry means more than just a few words, rhyming or otherwise. When he writes, he sticks to simple words with sentences that are easy to comprehend, because ultimately those who read it should not only understand but also feel it. At some point of time in our lives we have all been down that road and if you haven't, don't worry; one day you will! And a lot of what he writes will start making sense. So for now just read and enjoy, don't try to connect the dots just yet, because one day in the future they will connect, sometimes unbeknownst to you. Feel free to connect with him at email Instagram omkarhumbarwadi Facebook Omkar S. Humbarwadi.
    Book ISBN: 9780767983518



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