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Description of the Book:

Our inquisitiveness enhances gently, while journeying through life. We try to seek the meaning of liberation, the nitty-gritty of this term that can assist in disclosing the significance of emancipation. This book is a collection of short notes that can instil a reader to contemplate upon the moments and thereby can enlighten the person with the nature of being. This book dispenses the restless mind whose eagerness to attain realization, instigates the practice of self reflection, so that a mind that loves to dive deeper reflects upon the world with an aim to unravel the true nature of existence. With time it realizes that liberation comes from unveiling of essence. Just dwell deeper into the thoughts you cannot apprehend and imbibe the wisdom every notion preaches. Just believe there is tranquility in introspection and grace in emancipation. In the end what matters is that our beliefs should bestow us with a contented state of mind. It's because of our inquisitive nature and search for ultimate happiness, we are persuaded to look for answers and find peace.

Reflections of soul

  • Author Name: Deeba Khajwal
    About the Author: Author of this book is a gold medalist post graduate in the field of science and also has a degree in education. She is keenly interested in subjects of spirituality, human psychology, meaning of life and secrets of true contentment. She is a nature lover and an avid reader. Writing is her hobby which she believes is the best platform to express oneself and jot down thoughts that waver through the infinite consciousness of a human mind. She believes that true knowledge remains concealed within a human being and one needs to inculcate self discipline and take some time to introspect and apprehend the nature of this universe. She strongly feels that, unfelt and unknown secrets can be unravelled only by digging a little deeper. Created with hollowness the centre of our being, was never meant to be filled with a transient world.
    Book ISBN: 9781005199784


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