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Description of the Book:

Is this the ultimate teenage dream? 20 days , 20 poems Being different in a world which is full of cynical clones waiting to judge you ,is tough. This book captures the joy of dancing in the rain , the peace of solitude and the comfort of love . From losing all her friends to struggling with study pressure in the pandemic , the peot found solace in writing.This is not just a book but a diary that holds all the thoughts of a teenage girl. This collection of poems is all about having through go through pain and darkness to find light at the end. It is a relatable series of emotions, feelings that every teenager goes through. Anxiety, societal pressure of being perfect ,etc are all woven into poetry.

Reflections in the Mirror

  • Author's Name: Tanushree
    About the Author: Born and brought up in Pune , Tanushree or Tanu (what she likes to be called) is a teenage writer .Being an introvert , she is usually lost in her own world . From writing limericks to composing thought provoking poetry, she has always been connected to writing since a child. Besides art and her love for music, she finds pure joy in dance . Her creativity is the most important thing to her.She loves reading poetry and hates small talk. She is someone who quotes her favourite movies and loves tiny notes and hugs. She is like bad poetry with no proper spacings and punctuation, but when you read her out, she has a story that makes sense.
    Book ISBN: 9780463502266


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