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The collection of poems is nothing but a reflection of the life of the poet herself. Probably at some time during a read, it will bring out in you an emotion which will be nothing a feeling of having gone through the same at some point of time during the so called journey called “Life”. It is a testimony to confusions, loneliness, dilemmas, feelings, thoughts that has been an integral part of the poet’s life and has brought her closer to herself. There is no order that should be followed while reading this book, you can pick anything from anywhere and enjoy reading.

The collection depicts the relationship with oneself and seeks to give the reader a lovely experience.

Happy Reading !


SKU: 9789363316935
  • Author's Name: Aditi Srivastava

    About the Author: Aditi Srivastava though venturing into her thirties is a woman not young rather a child at heart. She is a adventurer who grew up traversing the globe in different parts of India, first through the pages of books, and then in reality. Nowadays she’s living the clichéd life of working as a lawyer in the busy city of Bombay. When she’s not surrounding herself with words you can find her cooking and/or trying the best of global cuisines, drinking her favorite red wine, listening to the mesmerizing Sufi music and painting her imagination by splashing all the beautiful colours. She has lately been a dendrophile and a melophile by choice and all that she has to say is "Let the poems have you".
    Book ISBN: 9789363316935
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