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Description of the Book:

A book which reflects the various lessons learnt by a particularly inquisitive individual.

Reflection of the Moon: A Series of Poems

  • Author's Name: Miray Semirli
    About the Author: Miray Semirli is a year 12 student studying in Australia. She is 17 years-old with two guinea pigs, a pet budgie and a loving family. She has been academically orientated from a young age, but art was her predominant passion throughout her life. Her artworks took the forms of videos, animations, original music compositions, paintings and drawings. One of her favourite ways to express herself is through poetry, which she began writing from the approximate age of ten. The love for writing grew as she did. Most of her poetry is inspired by circumstances she has endured during her life, or the lessons she learnt from people she met. While she spends most of her time writing poems, Miray also enjoys writing short fictional stories to accompany her love of art. She hopes to enter the science industry when she is older and has graduated from year 12. She doesn’t have a specific career choice in mind, but poetry will be a constant in her life regardless of the time.


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