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Description of the Book:

A curated collection of feelings, thoughts, and opinions of a mindful Indian woman. 'Random ramblings of a Beautiful Soul', is exactly what it says - a bunch of rants and ramblings on random topics ranging from love, sex, and femininity to war, gender equality, and mental wellbeing.

Some of them are written to be conversation starters, some to create awareness, and a few in the form of letters.


"I want my readers to understand my words, as they are

intended to be, and not keep guessing what I meant. So I

simply write my lines without much of the flowery language

of poetry.” - Yasmeen Ali

Random Ramblings of a Beautiful Soul

  • Author Name:  Yasmeen Ali
    About the Author: Yasmeen Ali is an opinionated Indian woman, who often has the urge, if not courage, to speak things out. She feels deeply, thinks too much, and writes like she talks. Over the years, she has tried writing it all — poetry, short stories, lyrics, subtitles, narratives, scripts, and blogs. This is her first-ever chapbook published, immortalizing her words in ink. Her poems have been recited at various stages and have been published in the anthology titled, 'Gulmohar' by Word Fox Publications. Moreover, two of her poems ‘The Voices of Her Ghost’ and ‘Would You Ever Believe Me?’ have also been translated into Arabic. She handles @blogger.yas on Instagram, where she shares what and when she feels. If she is not busy typing her thoughts on her phone, you will probably find her recording songs on it, or speaking to her imaginary TEDx audience.
    Book ISBN: 9785528470597


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