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Description of the Book:


If a Narcissist is a character, What would he think about? What would he write? What will he be if he's not shining bright. Some funny and some serious collection of poems from the most confused, self-involved person you can think of. Enjoy!

Random Poems of a Narcissist

  • Author's Name: Tesh
    About the Author: Tesh is a freelance writer and a musician. Writing stories and scripts anonymously for films and series is what he does for a living. Don't ask him what movies or series he has written he won't be able to tell you because there are contracts, you see... Music is the only thing that he loves to put his name on, so go ahead and give his songs a listen. You might enjoy them or hate them, whatever you fancy. You can find him on YouTube under Tesh D. On Insta under @teshdiwadkar. Don't disturb him unnecessarily, only if you want to appreciate his work, then it's fine.
    Book ISBN: 9781005388065


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