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Description of the Book :


Random: is a poetry book that is exactly what it sounds like. A random collection of poetry both long and short with no particular order. Find a story within these poems or be inspired to create your own through those casual ideas than cross your mind: Those are the best kind.


  • Author's Name :  Brianna Bernice Covernali
    About the Author :  Brianna Covernali comes from a small town in West Texas known as Odessa. Though a little town it is full of incoming people from all around the country looking for work and opportunity, whereas Brianna would be more than happy to look anywhere else. In the mean time before she can explore the rest of the world she's good with exploring the settings books have to offer and the ones she creates in her own mind. Her love for reading and writing is what keeps her life exiting in a rearview town, Brianna hopes her writing will take her to bigger places than the one she grew up in. Follow her on Instagram to stay updated on her upcoming projects and website that is currently in the works. Catch another one of her poems in a book published by Behind the Vision called The C.R.W.P. Collection The Story Behind the Poems Volume One
    Book ISBN :  9780463904633
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