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Description of the Book:

Why would you want to read the halfcrazed ramblings from a child of the moon, who talks about magic, love and other impossible things?

Because those are the stories you would remember, as you sit in front of your laptop, ready to work. This book is a collection of all those thoughts that have been invading my mind since time immemorial but I never had the courage to put them into paper. Cuddle up in your favourite spot with your favourite beverage and come dream with me, dance with me to the music of poetry under the moon. We all have a moon child in us. Are you willing to set them free?

Ramblings of a Moonchild

  • Author Name: Damayantee Das
    About the Author: Damayantee hails from the city of Calcutta, in India and has the simplest dreams in life – writing a book someday that allows other people to engage with her rich imagination and living her life to the fullest each day. Damayantee has been brought up by literature and words, from her childhood. Therefore, apart from her bright smile that she wears every day to make her troubles vanish, she also is a master storyteller who will do everything to make sure beautiful stories come forth into the world, stories of hope, beauty and love to make the world a little better one story at a time. She believes in the impossible always a better world, magic and the wonder of everyday.
    Book ISBN: 9786415684936


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