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Description of the Book :


For the days that you're feeling angry. For the days that you're feeling sad, or elation or frustrated. Or for the days when you feel nothing, and you want to remember what it feels like to feel something again. From racial injustice, to women empowerment, to anger and frustration to falling in and out of love... all that and hopefully more within these pages for you, from me.

Raining in the Sunshine

  • Author's Name :  Kathleen Green-hill
    About the Author :  Kathleen is an African-American poet who creates inspirational poetry that her audience can easily relate to. Growing up with a speech impediment, Kathleen found herself writing more than speaking, and using poetry as a main form of expression. Now she writes from a much more mature perspective, and hopes her words can inspire others who feel like if they don't have a voice, they can always create one.
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