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Description of the Book:


Poetry is a meditation , a solution to our confused feelings . It’s an expression, a glimpse of the writer’s mind . Each word in this book will gently caress you like a raindrop .This book is an emotional rollercoaster that will bring tears , smiles and laughs on your face . This book reminds readers to fill themselves up with empathy and acceptance . These poems give you something to think about , they tell you that life is full of hurdles. These poems will warm your heart and even make you laugh and cry . Enter the mind of a 12 year old .


  • Author's Name: Nishita Aggarwal
    About the Author: I am a sorceress mixing up concoctions of fantastical characters and plots.My name is Nishita Aggarwal but I’m given a moniker “cookie” as I have a big sweet tooth. I was born on 26 December 2008 .I live in Mumbai which is quite exhilarating. Both my parents have businesses of their own .Books written by Jacqueline Wilson have truly struck a chord in me as they have an array of emotions jam-packed into them.I am also a big aficionado of Rick Riordan ,Stan Lee and Jk Rowling. The teachers in my school- Smt. Sulochanadevi Singhania school are very genial and they always guide me . Other than reading and writing I love to play keyboard , code, sing and play basketball.Writing helps me express my ideas in an imaginative way. My dream is to write and create a world with oodles of characters and plots like my favourite series Star Wars and Harry Potter ,I really hope it comes true.
    Book ISBN: 9787456251958


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